10 Bathroom Habits That Can Harm Your Marriage

10 Bathroom Habits That Can Harm Your MarriageDo we live in Michigan or Rhode Island? Will we home school or send our kids to public or private school? Will we buy a house or rent a condo? Those are all big issues in marriage that could spark  heated discussion if spouses have differing opinions. But when a decision is made, there’s a final resolution. The homestead state, type of school and the habitat are decided and – win, lose, or draw – everybody moves on.

Not so with the small stuff. The little day-to-day irritants often remain ongoing, unresolved, and a thorn in somebody’s already-annoyed skin. Here are 10 seemingly-little bathroom habits that have disproportionate power over determining whether there is peace in your home or ongoing-disharmony. Recognize anything on the list?

10 Bathroom Habits That Can Harm Your Marriage

10. Leaving laundry on the floor –  because taking the extra two steps to the laundry basket or hamper can be exhausting after a long day.

9. Leaving a wet towel bunched up – usually by the one who doesn’t do the laundry and therefore doesn’t have to deal with the musty odor that it exudes after a day or so in that position.

8. Or, as bad, spreading out the wet towel over something your spouse planned to wear. Only amusing if you’re not the one in soggy pants.

7. Leaving a sliver of soap in the shower that wouldn’t be enough to lather up a mustard seed.

6. Leaving the toothpaste cap off resulting in your spouse getting a chunk of rubber cement on their toothbrush.

5. Leaving the toilet seat in the ‘wrong’ position. (You knew this one would make the list, didn’t you?)

10 Bathroom Habits That Can Harm Yuor Marriage4. Not rinsing out the bathtub/shower after use to rid it of hair, soap scum, or anything else that’s offensive and lingering.

3. Not putting tweezers, nail clippers, or other cruicial-to-an-immediate-need tool back where it’s suppose to go.

2. Putting the toilet paper on the roll backwards. Which way is backwards you ask? We both know that backwards is the position that causes your spouse to tell you for the hundred and third time that the roll is on backwards.

And the number one annoying bathroom habit that can cause marital strife? This 26 second video says it all!

So, what IS the right way to put toilet paper on the roll: should it roll toward you or away from you?

Shel Harrington

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