10 Ways You Can Tell the New Year is Here Without Leaving Your House or Looking at a Calendar

10 Ways You Can Tell the New Year is Here

With horns tooting, fireworks popping, and Auld Lang Syne blaring off the TV, it’s pretty hard to miss the arrival of the New Year.  But just in case you slept through the hoopla and haven’t heard any official announcement, here’s 10 ways you can tell the New Year is here without leaving your house or looking at a calendar!

1. Your spouse announced you both have new memberships at the local gym. Again.

2. The ads in your junk mail are for White Sales instead of toys and electronics.

3. Magazines, newspapers, and your toiletries are organized in baskets and colorful containers that have suddenly appeared.

4. You hear: “Is this deductible?” a lot.

5. The refrigerator is full of good-for-you stuff.

6. You’re the only one in your neighborhood that still has Christmas lights on at night.

7. Your spouse hasn’t sworn/eaten ice cream/indulged in whatever they consider to be their bad habit for over a week.

8. People have stopped sending you tweets, instagrams and Facebook posts of their darling pets wearing antlers or Santa hats.

9. The cookie stockpile is dwindling.

10. You have sworn off making New Year’s Resolutions. Again.

What’s the number one sign that the New Year has arrived at YOUR house?


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