2014: And the Winner Is . . .

2014: And the Winner Is . . . I’m always intrigued by the BEST and WORST lists that abound this time of year. What worked over the past 365 days and what didn’t. What made us smile and what made us cry. What we ran to the movies to see and what we ran from. What new toys were hits and what were misses. It’s like a mega award show with hundreds of custom-made categories to fit each author’s list. What a great way to review the year!

So here, in no particular order, are my offerings for the BEST of 12 categories from the 2014 blog posts. (You’re on your own for a WORST list!)


Courthouse Behaviors That Could Cost You Your Family Law Case. Everybody knows they have to behave in the courtroom – just in case the judge is watching. What they often don’t take into consideration is who else is watching – and where they can be seen!


Marriage Chuckles wins if you’re taking into account the whole post, but here’s the single cartoon that got the most snickers this year. My caption? “Why you should make eye contact when your spouse speaks to you.”

2014: And the winner is .. . BEST WEDDING ADVICE

Dear Brides-and-Grooms-to-Be: Just Because You Said “YES” Doesn’t Mean You Should Say “I DO. There are definitely times that an engaged couple shouldn’t get married – even if the invitations have been sent out and the flowers have been ordered.


How to Get Couple Friends (and why you need to).  No matter how many great friends and family members you have, if you’re married you still need couple friends. They enhance your marriage in several meaningful ways. Here’s the who, what, when, where and why of it – starring Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel.


Easter – It’s NOT Just For Bunnies Anymore.  A collection of rabbit-ear-wearing-animal pictures guaranteed to make you say: “Awwwwww – that is so cute.” And for the toughest of you who will not allow yourself to say such things out loud, I’ll bet you a dozen donuts you can’t help thinking it!


Marriage, Ladies’ Home Journal and the Simple Things That Matter. I was delighted to have a little featured spot in the July issue of Ladies’ Home Journal this year. And humbled by its focus versus my expectation.


5 Ways to Spook Your Spouse! It got a little creepy. But I thought the title gave fair warning of what one could expect!


Is Your Marriage Like the Tree of Forty Fruits? Hopefully it is. And the tree itself – pictured with its projected blooms – is an awesome creation.


Marriage – 73 Years of Wisdom.  Barbara “Cutie” Cooper knows a little something about marriage – as well she should after being married for 73 years! Sample a nugget or two of wisdom shared from her book.


Losing a Pet – a Universal Hurt. After 13 years, I had to say good-bye to the only dog I’d ever had. Many of you can understand this universal hurt. You may, like me, smile at the thought of the good times you had with your beloved pet – through misty eyes.


 How to Get His Ex to Hate You and What Children Want Their Divorced Parents to Know About the Holidays. Divorce is hard enough on children without the added stress of being in the middle of the game-playing that some adults engage in. Whether the destructive behavior is intentional or not, the devastating effect is the same for the children. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

FIRST HONORABLE MENTION: I was delighted recently when a young man whose opinion I value told me how wonderful my blog was. He said  there was one particular post he really enjoyed. He searched his mind to remember what it was. I waited patiently for him to recall what profound bit of wisdom I had imparted that had touched him so. “Oh yeah,” he said slapping his forehead. “I remember. It was the one about toilet paper.” Excuse me??! In response to my surprised reaction he explained that I write a lot of stuff for girls, and the toilet paper one was more his kind of thing. And so, winner of the BEST NON-GIRL TOPIC goes to  Random Acts of Toilet Paper.

Random Acts of Toilet Paper

For those disappointed that this year-end post includes no discussion about New year’s Resolutions, please see 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples (without the word “weight” in them!)

Thank you for reading, sharing, and commenting on my blog posts this year. I really appreciate your support and your feedback and look forward to hearing more from you in 2015. I wish each of you a healthy, blessed, and very Happy New Year!

Shel Harrington

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