5 Fun Ways to Surprise Your Mate

            It’s so easy to take the one we love for granted. We go through our busy days doing what we usually do and expecting our mate to doSurprise your mate what they usually do. One way to keep things fresh and let your mate know you appreciate them is to put a surprise in their day. Just a little unexpected gesture that is sure to put a smile on their face. Below are five fun ways to surprise your mate – and they’re free!

1.       Put a message in their food. Get creative. This can be done with mustard or ketchup on an open bun, spaghetti noodles, blueberries lined up, cucumbers cut into letters – anything. Create a heart, a few words, a happy face, a junior-high-style your initials + their initials. Some time back I grabbed the breakfast pastry my husband had put on a plate for me and had it half-way in my mouth when my he gasped. “What??” With indignation he said, “You didn’t even read it.” Who reads a Toaster Struedel? Pulling it out of my mouth before chomping, I saw the precious “I (heart) you” he had written in frosting. I almost ate his love without noticing!

2.      Mail them a letter. If your mate is the one who gets the mail, post them an old-fashioned hand-written note. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate – a funny card or a few words telling them how special they are. Who doesn’t smile when they see a non-bill colorful envelope with their name on it?

3.      Give them an unexpected chuckle. Prop up a funny note or a silly cartoon in an unexpected place. The inside of the toilet lid or seat is probably a location where one wouldn’t expect to see a personal message. Other options include the steering wheel of their car, in a cookie jar you know they’ll be raiding, or in place of the marker in the book they’re reading – we’re shooting for quirky here.

4.      Beat them to their chore. We often unconsciously divide up labors and without ever discussing it both mates have duties that have become their job. Taking out the trash, making the next morning’s coffee, emptying the dishwasher are part of the routines. Shake things up by beating your mate to that mundane task that is on their side of the unofficial roster. They see that you appreciate it getting done on a regular basis, you get the enjoyment of their surprised smile.

5.      Change their view. Upload a favorite picture, a scene from a movie they love, or scenery from a place they want to go and set it as their screensaver. (This assumes you are not replacing a beloved parent or departed pet, of course.)

I practice what I preach. Here is the cartoon my husband recently found when he opened his cooler. I had a note attached to it that said: “How NOT to give a compliment!”

How NOT to give a compliment!

How NOT to give a compliment!

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Shel Harrington

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