75 One-Size-Fits-All Christmas Stocking Stuffers

75 One-size-fits-all Christmas Stocking StuffersWELCOME TO DAY 2 OF THE STOCKING STUFFER EXTRAVAGANZA!

(If you missed Day 1 – Stocking Stuffers for $5 or less – click here.)

I call the following ideas for stocking stuffers “one-size-fits-all” because they are gender neutral. If sizes are really involved, you may want to pick the appropriate one for your mate! Here are 75 suggestions:

  1. Paperback bookChristmas stockings
  2. Steering wheel cover
  3. Ear muffs
  4. Hot beverage mug
  5. Batteries
  6. Tape measure
  7. Themed light switch cover
    Courtesy of www.lifesaswitchplate.com

    Courtesy of www.lifesaswitchplate.com

  8. Christmas ornament
  9. Roll of stamps
  10. Mini magnifying glass
  11. Eyeglass lanyards
  12. Lotto tickets
  13. Fast food coupon book
  14. Book light
  15. Sunglasses
  16. Ice scream scoop
  17. Baking utensils (cookie scoop, colorful measuring spoons)
    Courtesy of www.harborfrieght.com

    Courtesy of www.harborfrieght.com

  18. Cooking utensils (mini tongs, spatulas, basting brushes)
  19. Gourmet coffee/tea
  20. Mini flash lights
  21. Pocket dictionary/thesaurus/foreign language dictionary
  22. Movie theater gift certificates
  23. Rain poncho
  24. Suduko/crossword puzzle/word game books
  25. Beef sticks/jerky/mini sausages
  26. Yo-yo (make sure includes instructions for ‘walk the dog’ and other ‘tricks’)
  27. Small hand tools (screwdriver/wrench, etc – they come in great colors!)
    Courtesy of www.solutions.com

    Courtesy of www.solutions.com

  28. Pin ball or puzzle ‘gift box’ – a ‘twofer’ gift that makes them work for the gift of money/tickets/gift card inside
  29. Exotic seasonings or spices
  30. T-shirt
  31. Magazine/subscription
  32. Fun undies
  33. Electric toothbrush heads
  34. Mini bottle of wine/champagne/premixed cocktail
  35. Snow globe
  36. Knitting needles/crochet hooks/yarn
    Cat light pull (courtesy of www.rexmouse.co.uk)

    Cat light pull (courtesy of www.rexmouse.co.uk)

  37. Roll of quarters for parking/laundry/tolls
  38. Light/fan pull
  39. Mini hardcover gift books
  40. Telescope backscratcher
  41. Themed drink stirrers
  42. Drink coasters
  43. Letter opener
  44. Power bars
  45. Address book
  46. Stamp dispenser
    Phone stand (courtesy of www.modcloth.com

    Phone stand (courtesy of www.modcloth.com

  47. Gift cards
  48. Eyeglass case
  49. Phone stand (how about a banana peel?)
  50. Phone case
  51. Flashdrives
  52. Computer keyboard air cleaner
  53. Computer decals
  54. Thank you notes/notecards
  55. Mouse pad
  56. Lint brush
  57. Mini binoculars
  58. Earbuds
  59. Bathroom disposable guest towls
  60. Return address label stamp
  61. Return address labels
  62. Check book cover
  63. Windsocks
  64. Knit caps
  65. Decorative house plant stakes
  66. Glow sticks
  67. Work/garden gloves
  68. Miniature bonsai tree
  69. Car air freshener
    Courtesy of www.ebay.com

    Courtesy of www.ebay.com

  70. Hand or boot warmers
  71. Ink cartridges
  72. Hand held back massagers
  73. Phone charger
  74. Hide-a-key box
  75. Novelty ice trays (everything from flowers to brains out there!)
  76. BONUS! Wind up toys/battery operated car (you need one, too, for the Christmas race!)
Wind-up toys or battery operated vehicles are great for a Christmas race! (image courtesy of aliexpress.com)

Wind-up toys or battery operated vehicles are great for a Christmas race! (image courtesy of aliexpress.com)


The CHRISTMAS STOCKING STUFFER EXTRAVAGANZA continues tomorrow with His OR Her ideas. See you there!


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