IMG_8420 - Web UseWelcome to my blog!

I’m a divorce attorney, but I don’t like divorce. That’s why any chance I get I speak, write, and think about ways to prevent divorce. But divorce will still happen. When it does, my focus shifts to ways the adults can make it better for the kids and themselves. I have been told more than once that if people stop getting divorced I’d be out of business. My response? “So put me out of business – I’ll find something else to do!”

In preparation for eventually being put out of business, I’m exploring a myriad of hobbies (painting rocks is a current favorite), read lots of books (mostly suspense novels), and continue to write on wider topics. I’m even trying my hand at a novel – which is its own adventure!

Meanwhile, I’ll hang on to my day jobs of solo Family Law practitioner and adjunct professor at a local law school where I teach Family Law and related courses.


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