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10 Promises to Add to the Wedding Vows!

10 Promises to Add to the Wedding Vows

The traditional wedding vows are nice – to honor, love, and respect, ’til death do us part. But we could be just a little more specific about what it takes to get there. Here’s some suggestions: 10 promises we could add to the wedding vows – you know, just to make sure we’re on the same page!

1. I promise not to expect you to read my mind.

2. I promise not to complain about toilet seat status, which way the toilet paper rolls, or how you load the dishwasher – even if you’re doing it wrong.

3. I promise I won’t say “I told you so” even if I clearly did.

4. I promise not to jump in with the punchline on a joke or story you’re telling no matter how long it’s taking you to tell it.

5. I promise not to keep score on petty things like who is right or who does more housework – even if I’m winning.

6. I promise to give you at least 1/3 of the closet space even if I could use it more productively.

7. I promise I will never leave you just one square of toilet paper left on the roll, a mere sliver of soap left in the shower, or less than a gallon of gas left in the car.

8. I promise I will not call you your special nickname in public – at least not loud enough for others to hear.

9. I promise I will love you through weight changes, hair loss, non-head hair growth, and wrinkle development.

10. I promise I’ll review this list of promises every year on our anniversary and say a sincere “I’m sorry” if I’ve broken any of them.



Friday Five – Marriage MishMash

Friday Five - Marriage MishMashWhether you’re looking for reasons to date your spouse, dealing with deployment issues, needing to apologize, wondering about the benefits of “the letter,” or just wanting a good laugh, there’s something here for you! Today’s Friday Five is a compilation of articles I love because they offer great advice, made me chuckle or (bonus!) both.

1. Are you dealing with deployment or long separations from your spouse? 51 Tips for Deployment, Homecoming Marriage MishMashnd Everything in Between is an article that can be found on Jo, My Gosh blog. In addition to the send-off and the return, it offers suggestions for dealing with the absence of a spouse and for care packages. The site is loaded with other helpful information for military spouses and offers a free copy of The Ultimate Care Package Guide.


2. Never underestimate the power of a letter. Letters That Changed Our World, an article in Parade Magazine written by Liz Welch, gives heartfelt examples of how letters made a difference. It’s easy to overlook that there is a second page (hit “Next” at the bottom of the post), but that’s where you will find additional reasons to write letters as well as a link that gives a brief “how-to” with letter-writing tips. You might also find a previous post, How to Write a Love Letter to Your Spouse – And Why You Should helpful.


Marriage MishMash3. Stop using the kids as a reason you can’t make date night with your spouse happen. 5 Reasons Your Kids Should See You Date Your Spouse, guest-written by Steve Pare on True Agape blog, sets forth some compelling reasons why when you have kids it’s even more important to prioritize dating your spouse. The result in doing so? You benefit, your spouse benefits and the kids benefit – the ultimate win-win-win!


4. When delivering an apology, keep it real. How do you do that? Gina Barreca, columnist for the Hartford Courant and Marriage MishMashone of my favorite humorists, spells it out in her article To Apologize, What Makes it Real? The article is also helpful if you have already offered a needed apology, but it wasn’t well-received – it’s possible your delivery could use some improvement.


Marriage MishMash5. Maybe the changes in your marriage are a good thing. Funny guy Aaron Traister is at it again in his Redbook article 8 Signs Your Marriage Has Changed. You may recognize you and your spouse in a couple of his examples and decide, hmmmm, maybe these changes aren’t so bad after all! If you can ignore the rude, unrelated “reading recommendation” plopped into the post, this article will leave you chuckling!



Married With Bobbleheads

Married With BobbleheadsWhat makes people smile more than a bobblehead?  Known also as “wobblers” or “nodders,” these dolls often have oversized heads connected to the body by a spring or hook in such a way that the head bounces with a light tap or breeze.

You may have seen sports figures bobbilized (a new word I’m creating for the occasion!) or cute animals with bobbing heads on people’s dashboards. These smile-makers have been around for decades – my earliest memory of them was the Beatle dolls we received in . . . a previous year.

But you don’t have to be famous to be bobbilized! There are several companies that make custom bobbleheads from pictures – complete with specified outfits. They are a bit of a splurge, starting around $100 for a single figure. But, because the businesses are competitive, there’s a good chance that you can catch a promotional deal or a groupon for an order. And, for a special occasion, it may be the perfect gift for your spouse – or for you and your spouse to give. Here are 5 suggestions for creative bobblehead-gifting:

1. Surprise your spouse on a birthday or other special occasion with a bobblehead duo of them and their best friend. For double the fun (and a super-splurge), get two sets so they can give one to their friend!

2. Memorialize you and your spouse – bobblehead style – and present to your spouse on your anniversary. This will generate some serious brownie points in addition to the smiles!

3. Bobbing makes the heart grow fonder – pack a bobblehead of you in your spouse’s luggage when they are headed out of town, or send in a care package to that deployed spouse, so they can end their nights with your head-bobbing proclamation of love even though you’re miles – or countries – away.

4. From the two of you – to a child memorializing their sport, graduation, a special accomplishment, to friends for their anniversary (of them, of course!), to that special engaged couple who would get a kick out of wedding-cake topper that could keep on bobbing long after the cake was eaten.

5. Lead the way with a gifted bobblehead chosen just for the recipient – a favored pet, celebrity, family member – perched in front of them as they drive no matter where they go. I mean, what says “hood ornament” better than a bobblehead??

When friends and family want to chip in to get memorable gift for a special someone, bobbleheads can add just the right touch of humor to that special event. The only thing better than having a reason to say “bobblehead” ten times is to actually have or give one. Bobbleheads – the gift that keeps on bobbing!*

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

*NO batteries or assembly required!

Note: This was not a sponsored post. Although I wish I’d thought of that – it might have solved the what-to-get-for-the-anniversary-gift-dilemma!


What Married Couples Can Learn From The Wizard of Oz

What Married Coules Can Learn From The Wizard of OzLike a marriage, The Wizard of Oz is full of history, special moments, reasons to celebrate and meaningful lessons learned. Both have noted milestone anniversaries. The Wizard of Oz recently celebrated its 75th year – now that’s longevity! If we want our marriage to have that kind of staying power, we can take a lesson or two from this classic tale.

  •  Everyday is not in technicolor. There will be times that seem dull – plain old black and white. But we need those quieter times to truly appreciate the beauty of full-blown color.
  •  Dropping a house on someone causes a lot of trouble. That, of course, is the marital equivalent of putting the other in their place when you can show them just how right you are on a disputed topic. Sure there’sWhat Married Couples Can Learn From the Wizard of OZ a moment of satisfaction. And the legs look funny sprawled out under it. But after that high-fiving moment, there’s a whole lot of drama which doesn’t always end happily-ever-after. It’s not good for the dropper, it’s not good for the dropee, it’s not good for the house.
  •  Just because the road is shiny, doesn’t mean it goes to a good place. This is right up there with the old cliche “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” When the fact of the matter is, the grass is greener where it gets watered more. We need to spend our time watering our own lawns – appreciating our spouses and what we have – and not get distracted by the beauty of a yellow-brick-road that leads us astray.
  • A loud voice can come from a small person. The boom of the Wizard’s voice made him seem important, wise, worthy of awe even while he was being disrespectful. But behind the curtain was a little man – an insecure man. His behavior almost cost him the respect and friendship of those who sought him out – the very people he What Married Couples Can Learn From the Wizard of Ozwas trying to impress. Being domineering, puffing up, speaking in a belittling way have no place in a marriage.
  •  Things aren’t always what they seem to be. Most of us think of Glenda the Good Witch as young and beautiful and The Wicked Witch as old and ugly. In real life, “Glenda” was 54 and “Wicked” was 36. How the package is wrapped isn’t always an indicator of what’s inside. Keep it real with each other. If you have an issue that needs to be addressed, covering it with sparkles and bubbles may look pretty and impress the other, but it doesn’t get the problem solved. Remember: sparkles get messy and bubbles burst.
  •  We’re less than we can be without love. It’s what we started with. We need to kindle and nurture that love – offering it to our spouse generously, receiving it from our spouse graciously with joy. It’s not to be taken for granted – not everybody has it.
  •  The brain is as important as the heart. If we expect our marriage to last until-death-we-do-part, there are going to be some moments where we’re not feeling very loving toward the other. That’s where the ol’ brain has to kick in. We continue to honor the commitment with our ability to think rationally about the big-picture – and theWhat Married Couples Can Learn From the Wizard of Oz consequences of acting in a way that’s inconsistent with that commitment.
  • Courage takes you through the hard times. And if you think because of your love for each other things will never be “hard,” you must be living over the rainbow where the bluebirds are flying. There will be tough times. Whether emotionally, physically, spiritually, or some combination, there will be challenges.  And they might be scary to the point where you truly wonder if you can push through. Courage happens when you’re afraid and you do it anyway. On the other side of those challenges is often a deeper marital bond, a marriage with strength and character.
  • Lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) are no match for a united team. On their own, a girl, a scarecrow, a tin man and a cowardly lion may have gotten eaten alive by the perils of their journey – but together they made quite a team! When a husband and wife stand united in their purpose of prioritizing their marriage, even evil flying monkeys can’t drive a wedge between them!
  • There’s no place like home – and it’s always been there.

What Married Couples Can Learn From the Wizard of Oz

For some interesting trivia about the movie, check out 75 Weird Wonderful Facts About the Wizard of Oz by clicking (three times will not be necessary) the picture below!

What Married Couples Can Learn From the Wizard of Oz


10 Ways You Can Tell the New Year is Here Without Leaving Your House or Looking at a Calendar

10 Ways You Can Tell the New Year is Here

With horns tooting, fireworks popping, and Auld Lang Syne blaring off the TV, it’s pretty hard to miss the arrival of the New Year.  But just in case you slept through the hoopla and haven’t heard any official announcement, here’s 10 ways you can tell the New Year is here without leaving your house or looking at a calendar!

1. Your spouse announced you both have new memberships at the local gym. Again.

2. The ads in your junk mail are for White Sales instead of toys and electronics.

3. Magazines, newspapers, and your toiletries are organized in baskets and colorful containers that have suddenly appeared.

4. You hear: “Is this deductible?” a lot.

5. The refrigerator is full of good-for-you stuff.

6. You’re the only one in your neighborhood that still has Christmas lights on at night.

7. Your spouse hasn’t sworn/eaten ice cream/indulged in whatever they consider to be their bad habit for over a week.

8. People have stopped sending you tweets, instagrams and Facebook posts of their darling pets wearing antlers or Santa hats.

9. The cookie stockpile is dwindling.

10. You have sworn off making New Year’s Resolutions. Again.

What’s the number one sign that the New Year has arrived at YOUR house?


Marriage Chcukles

10 Car Habits That Make Your Mate a Defensive Driver

Marriage – 5 to Make You Smile


5 You May Not Have Thanked Your Spouse For

5 We May Not Have Thanked Our Spouse ForThere are some things we just don’t think to thank our spouses for – but maybe we should. For instance, you know how in the movies people wake up morning-fresh with tousled hair? Well, in real life, it’s morning breath and bed-head. Yet our spouses love us through it and in spite of it. And have we ever said “thank you”? Here’s five more you may not have said “thank” you’ for.

1. That warm spot they create in bed that you roll into the moment they shift.

2. Waiting until the commercial break (or fast-forward break) in your show to tell you something.

3. The times their face lights up with a smile when you walk toward them. (Isn’t that the most welcoming feeling?!)

4. Helping to develop the secret code you share. The look, gesture, raised eyebrow, or cue that says wordlessly Let’s blow this joint or Did you hear what I heard? or Did you see the chick in the pink tutu with the leopard boots?!

5. Saying “I DO” and meaning it.

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Marriage Chuckles

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5 Ways to Spook Your Spouse!

5 Great Ways to Spook Your Spouse!Halloween may not be a very romantic holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it by giving your spouse shivers! WARNING: These suggestions should NOT be used on somebody who is taking heart medication. Especially #5!

1. Creepy Finger Soap. Trade them out for the Irish Springs in time for their morning shower. Talk about waking up! Save one to drop in the pocket of the jacket they’ll be wearing that day – a little something to make them think about you later on!

5 Ways to Spook Your Spouse2. Speaking of fingers . . . Packing a lunch for your mate? How about slipping in some of these distressed digits for dessert? Who knew sugar cookies and almonds could make such a gruesome duo?? [Click picture for recipe]

5 Ways to Spook Your Spouse3. Toilet guests. Nothing says good morning – and Happy Halloween – quite like some critters hanging out under the lid! (If you want a little variety, a plastic rat can have a similar impact!)

5 Ways to Spook Your Spouse4. Jeepers, creeperswhere’d you get those peepers? For a ghastly surprise, attach them to something in the closet. Be sure to unscrew the lightbulb so the glow in the dark feature is at it’s best. Just your Halloweeny way to say to your spouse: “I only have eyes for you, hon!”

5 Ways to Spook Your Spouse5. Head in a Jar. In the refrigerator! You may want to have a camera set up for this one! I stumbled upon this last year and have waited patiently for a whole year to share this chilling delight. (I thought about including it as an illustration in the Deadhead Your Marriage post, but I wasn’t sure the humor would have been appreciated appropriate there.) [Click pic for the gruesome how-tos]

5 Ways to Spook Your Spouse!HAPPY HAUNTING!


Visiting With Jill Weatherholt

I’m not exactly taking the day off today. I’m over at Jill Weatherholt’s blog, Pursuing a Passion for Writingfielding questions I don’t generally deal with here. Which result in answers  – like how I dealt with the nude peeping tom and why I enjoyed spending time with both Jimmy Carter and Barbara Bush – that you also won’t see here. [Click the picture  for the full scoop!]

Jill Weatherholt's blog


10 Car Habits That Make Your Mate a Defensive Driver

10 Car Habits That Make Your Mate a Defensive DriverIn spite of being told over and over that we ‘shouldn’t sweat the small stuff,’ that’s exactly what what many of us do. And it’s those petty things that seem to cause the biggest rifts between spouses. Having previously discussed annoying bathroom habits that can drain a marriage and obnoxious kitchen habits that can bring spouses to a boiling point, let’s talk about those irritating car habits that can drive a spouse to distraction. Whether you share a vehicle, or you occasionally drive your spouse’s vehicle, here are 10 behaviors that can steer your marriage in the wrong direction.

1. Trash talk. Whether a Big Mac wrap, used tissue, or a cup of coffee sludge, here’s a tip: Take. It. With. You.

2. Minor adjustments. Just a quick trip? Don’t touch the mirrors. If you bump the rear-view mirror, realign it. And don’t mess with the side mirrors. If later your mate has to make a quick lane change and looks in the side mirror only to see the car doors, their first thought will definitely not be: “Nice paint job.”

3. Fumes. No smoking in the car. You can’t open the window wide enough or long enough to get rid of that smell. And that goes for any other activity that emits smoke, gas, or fumes.

4. Fumeless. On the other hand, leaving the gas tank so low there’s not enough fumes to coast to the gas station on is a double wammy – your spouse will start out being miffed that the gas is low, which could accelerate to more than annoyance if they end up late because they had to stop to fill up.

5. Changing stations. Can’t stand the rhythm of your mate’s radio taste? Listen to whatever you want. But put it back to the “proper” station before you get out.

6. Blast from your past. Speaking of  radio, nobody but you thinks it’s funny to leave it blaring so when your spouse turns on the ignition they get a wake-up call that leaves their ears ringing. When you exit the vehicle, turn the volume down. Not off, so you can later claim innocence that they are the one that turned it on, but down.

7. Seat moves. Here’s the rule: if your trip doesn’t take longer than ten minutes, you shall stretch or squnch as needed. But you cannot move the seat such that  your spouse hops in the car to get a quick start only to find that their feet can’t reach the pedals or their knees now hit their chin.

8. Cup caddy etiquette. If you slosh your drink in the cup caddy, you must clean the mess even if it has dried by the time you get back home. The only thing more annoying than a wet caddy is a sticky one.

9. Listening pleasure. Whether you want to listen to special music or do your foreign language lessons, taking your mate’s book-on-tape out of the CD player is as rude as ripping their bookmark out of the novel they’re reading. If you must do it, have the courtesy to make note of what track it’s on so that you can either put it back or let them know where they left off.

10. The invisible brake. I’m not sure which is more annoying – having your passenger-mate slam on their imaginary brake while you’re driving or having your driving-mate laugh as you do so.

While it is best to avoid these irritating behaviors to maintain marital harmony, remember to always look at the big picture and complain with caution. Recently my husband took ‘my’ car on a brief errand. When he got back, I hopped in the car to head to the office. Much to my annoyance, he had changed the radio station and left it blaring. I rolled down my window to offer him my opinion on both. Fortunately, in the nick of time, I remembered his errand consisted of getting me gas so I didn’t have to stop on the way to work. I was quick to substitute a heartfelt: “Thanks, Huz – love you!”

Any car habits that drive you to distraction?


Bathroom Habit that Harm Your MarriageKitchen Habits that Cook up TroubleExcuse me while I interrupt