Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Him OR Her – Day 3 of the Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza!

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Now that we have talked about cheap inexpensive stocking stuffers, and gender neutral stocking stuffers, lets move on to a little something special for the HIM or HER in your life! While I am catering to the cliche gender preferences, feel free to check out both lists in case there are some crossover interests.

Donna Reed and stocking stuffers for HER

  1. Jazzy earrings
  2. Nail polish

    Courtesy of
    Courtesy of
  3. Foot cream with pumice stone
  4. Perfume
  5. Scented soap
  6. Change purse
  7. Scarf
  8. Funky necklace/bracelet
  9. Costume watch
  10. Knit tam
  11. Themed sticky notes
  12. Body glitter

    Courtesy of
    Courtesy of
  13. Lipstick case
  14. Hair combs/headbands/barrettes/other ornaments
  15. Lip gloss
  16. Body wash gel
  17. Mini vase
  18. Locket
  19. Charm
  20. Monogrammed notecards
  21. Sleep mask

    Courtesy of
    Courtesy of
  22. Eyeglass necklace/chains
  23. Mini designer air freshener (Yankee McIntosh Apple – mmmmm!)
  24. Tiara
  25. Soft footies
  26. Compact with mirror
  27. Beaded eyeglass lanyard
  28. Make-up remover towelettes
  29. Lapel pin
  30. Candles

    Courtesy of
    Courtesy of
  31. Bling eyeglass holder
  32. Glue gun (women’s duct tape!)




Elvis with stocking stuffers for Him



  1. Cologne (sample sizes are fun)

    Courtesy of
    Courtesy of
  2. Pocket comb
  3. Cool flashdrives
  4. Wallet
  5. Cuff links
  6. Pins for caps
  7. Suspenders
  8. Money clip
  9. Razor Blades
  10. Comic book

    Tea infuser - could make a coffee drinker switch to tea! (courtesy of
    Tea infuser – could make a coffee drinker switch to tea!
    (courtesy of
  11. Tie,bow tie, string tie
  12. (Manly) tea infuser
  13. Belt
  14. Pocket knife
  15. Duct tape
  16. Roll of twisties (what McGuyver would use if there was no duct tape)
  17. Utility knife
  18. Balsa glider (remember them? Some assembly required!)
  19. Super hero briefs
  20. Undies for you to wear

    Courtesy of
    Courtesy of
  21. Hand-held electronics
  22. Personalized coupons (you create these yourself!)
  23. Soap-on-rope
  24. Shoe polish
  25. Mini lego kits (like race cars)
  26. Bungee cords
  27. Buglit flashlight (bendable!)
Bendable buglit flashlight (Courtesy
Bendable buglit flashlight

Tomorrow the CHRISTMAS STOCKING STUFFER EXTRAVAGANZA continues with special theme stuffings (such as for cooks, readers, sport fans, etc.) See you there!


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