How To Write A Love Letter To Your Spouse – And Why You Should

How to Write a Love Letter to Your Spouse - and Why You ShouldYour mate deserves a love letter from you. Words they can hold in their hand and press against their heart. Words that last past the saying of them. Words that can hearten them in tough times and make them smile in sad times.

When the tornadoes, floods, and fires hit, what do people grab in the precious moments before destruction? It’s not the $200 bedspread or the slick leather boots. It’s the pictures, the letters, and the other irreplaceable sentimental momentos. Your letter will be among them.

Many of you can sit down right now and effortlessly craft a lovely note to your spouse letting them know how special they are – and I hope you will do just that. The rest of us could use a little help getting started.

First, there’s not a right way. While I think hand-written notes are hard to beat, that may not be an option for everyone. Length is up to you – anything from one amazing line, to a few paragraphs, or even multiple pages.

You can find options to write on in the greeting card section of stores that have interesting pictures or sayings on the cover and are blank inside – just waiting for your personalized words. Stationery or notecards work just as well. Don’t let a lack of fancy paper stop you – your wonderful note will be just as appreciated and cherished if it’s on notebook paper or a napkin!

So you’ve got the paper, the pen and the willing spirit – now where do you get the content? Here are some ideas:

  • Brainstorm a list of what you love about your mate. (Those of you who took the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge can look back at your existing list) Just write – don’t think and edit. There’s no such thing as too sappy or corny when it’s for your eyes only. Now look over that list. What would you like your mate to know? What will make them feel special? What would you want your mate to convey to you if they had written the list?
  • Check out some romantic poets. Copy a poem for your mate and tell them why that poem made you think of them.
  • Lyrics from songs sometimes express perfectly how you feel. Use them.
  • Are there lines from a movie that you find meaningful? Share them with an explanation of why these special words triggered thoughts of them
  • Put “Love Letters” in the search on Pinterest – read some to get ideas
  • Google ‘quotes about love’ for inspiration

The content doesn’t have to be original* – it just has to be a sincere representation of how you feel.

Summary of love-letter writing ‘rules:’

  1.  Hand-write if possible, type if not
  2. Any paper is fine to use (except toilet paper)
  3.  Just do it
  4. Repeat on occasion whether needed or not

*I’m not saying it’s OK to claim another’s work as your own – but it’s okay to use it for ideas, inspiration or to quote from citing the source.

Have you ever received a love letter from your spouse? Have you written one lately?


Shel Harrington

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