Random Acts of Toilet Paper

Posted by: Shel Harrington 11 July, 2014 15 Comments

Having recently established that certain bathroom habits can be harmful to marriage, I left some people feeling that the bathroom was downright hazardous. But it’s not the bathroom itself, it’s the bathroom behavior we need to look at (not literally). Toilet seat left up? Bad behavior. Cracking your spouse up  with your artistic toilet paper endeavors? Good behavior. Here are 5 Random Acts of Toilet Paper to achieve the latter!

1. Get their day started with the promise of a breeze.

toilet paper sailboat

2.  Let your spouse know things could always be rougher.

Image courtesy of principiadialetica.com
Image courtesy of principiadialetica.com


3. Who doesn’t like to see a smile first thing in the morning?

Random Acts of Toilet Paper4. Make sure you can never be accused of not giving them flowers. (Yes – there is a book on the art of toilet-paper folding. If you don’t believe me, click the picture.)

Random Acts of Toilet Paper

5. Show them you’d be lost without them . . .

Random Acts of Toilet Paper

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