What Married Couples Can Learn From The Wizard of Oz

What Married Coules Can Learn From The Wizard of OzLike a marriage, The Wizard of Oz is full of history, special moments, reasons to celebrate and meaningful lessons learned. Both have noted milestone anniversaries. The Wizard of Oz recently celebrated its 75th year – now that’s longevity! If we want our marriage to have that kind of staying power, we can take a lesson or two from this classic tale.

  •  Everyday is not in technicolor. There will be times that seem dull – plain old black and white. But we need those quieter times to truly appreciate the beauty of full-blown color.
  •  Dropping a house on someone causes a lot of trouble. That, of course, is the marital equivalent of putting the other in their place when you can show them just how right you are on a disputed topic. Sure there’sWhat Married Couples Can Learn From the Wizard of OZ a moment of satisfaction. And the legs look funny sprawled out under it. But after that high-fiving moment, there’s a whole lot of drama which doesn’t always end happily-ever-after. It’s not good for the dropper, it’s not good for the dropee, it’s not good for the house.
  •  Just because the road is shiny, doesn’t mean it goes to a good place. This is right up there with the old cliche “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” When the fact of the matter is, the grass is greener where it gets watered more. We need to spend our time watering our own lawns – appreciating our spouses and what we have – and not get distracted by the beauty of a yellow-brick-road that leads us astray.
  • A loud voice can come from a small person. The boom of the Wizard’s voice made him seem important, wise, worthy of awe even while he was being disrespectful. But behind the curtain was a little man – an insecure man. His behavior almost cost him the respect and friendship of those who sought him out – the very people he What Married Couples Can Learn From the Wizard of Ozwas trying to impress. Being domineering, puffing up, speaking in a belittling way have no place in a marriage.
  •  Things aren’t always what they seem to be. Most of us think of Glenda the Good Witch as young and beautiful and The Wicked Witch as old and ugly. In real life, “Glenda” was 54 and “Wicked” was 36. How the package is wrapped isn’t always an indicator of what’s inside. Keep it real with each other. If you have an issue that needs to be addressed, covering it with sparkles and bubbles may look pretty and impress the other, but it doesn’t get the problem solved. Remember: sparkles get messy and bubbles burst.
  •  We’re less than we can be without love. It’s what we started with. We need to kindle and nurture that love – offering it to our spouse generously, receiving it from our spouse graciously with joy. It’s not to be taken for granted – not everybody has it.
  •  The brain is as important as the heart. If we expect our marriage to last until-death-we-do-part, there are going to be some moments where we’re not feeling very loving toward the other. That’s where the ol’ brain has to kick in. We continue to honor the commitment with our ability to think rationally about the big-picture – and theWhat Married Couples Can Learn From the Wizard of Oz consequences of acting in a way that’s inconsistent with that commitment.
  • Courage takes you through the hard times. And if you think because of your love for each other things will never be “hard,” you must be living over the rainbow where the bluebirds are flying. There will be tough times. Whether emotionally, physically, spiritually, or some combination, there will be challenges.  And they might be scary to the point where you truly wonder if you can push through. Courage happens when you’re afraid and you do it anyway. On the other side of those challenges is often a deeper marital bond, a marriage with strength and character.
  • Lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) are no match for a united team. On their own, a girl, a scarecrow, a tin man and a cowardly lion may have gotten eaten alive by the perils of their journey – but together they made quite a team! When a husband and wife stand united in their purpose of prioritizing their marriage, even evil flying monkeys can’t drive a wedge between them!
  • There’s no place like home – and it’s always been there.

What Married Couples Can Learn From the Wizard of Oz

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What Married Couples Can Learn From the Wizard of Oz

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