5 Ways to Make Superbowl Game Watching More Fun

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 5 Ways to Make Superbowl Game Watching More FunWhether you love the actual game, or you’re humoring the one who does, here are 5 ways to make Superbowl Game watching more fun!

1. Gift Pass: Pick a play and start passing a gift item – maybe a thermo cup or $5 Coffee Card. No holding more than a 3-count! The person holding it when a touchdown is made gets to keep the prize! After the first touchdown, the winner gets to pick what wins the next prize – maybe a penalty or field goal. And the watch is on! Variation: Everyone puts a dollar or a quarter in the cup and starts passing it – same finish!

2. The Icebreaker. For a crowd that doesn’t know each other well, you can have a pre-game warm-up game! Have a variety of questions in a jar and some small prizes to hand out for the winning answer. Then take turns pulling out and reading the get-to-know-you questions. Here’s a few to get you started:

  • Who has the longest middle name?
  • Who went to high school farthest away?
  • Who has the most pets?
  • Whose street name is the shortest?
  • Whose socks have the most colors on them?

3. Predict the winner: As each person enters the party, have them make their prediction of the winning team and final score on a sheet you’ve prepared for everybody’s answers. The one whose right (or closest!) gets the prize – maybe a tin of popcorn or oldy-but-goody football movie.

4. Don’t say it!: Everybody starts out with 10 quarters at the beginning of the party. Then choose a football-related word that no one can say during the game, such as “quarterback” or – if you really want to make it difficult – “touchdown.” If someone hears another person say the word, they can take a quarter. The person with the most quarters at the end gets one more quarter from everybody who has remaining quarters. Any quarters each person has left after paying their final quarter is theirs to keep! Variation: Pass out beads or buttons for each person instead of using quarters. The one at the end of the game with the most beads or buttons collected with a prize.

5. Commercial Bingo – Enjoy the commercials even more by winning a prize based on the order they’re shown. You can make your own cards or go HERE for some free printable cards.

5 Ways to Make Superbowl Game Watching More FunGO TEAM!

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  • What fun ideas! These are much more exciting than the regular “choose who wins and by what amount” competitions that people play.

  • We are not superbowl watchers here, but that set of icebreaker questions would be good for just about any gathering where you have people who don’t know each other well or for a table at a wedding where you are seated with virtual strangers and the conversation dies after “so how do you know the couple?” I’m saving them!

    • Shel Harrington

      Had to laugh at your wedding comment, Lisa – you summarized the scene at the one I most recently attended!

  • Great suggestions, Shel! I think it would be more fun if they started the game earlier or moved it to Saturday night for those of use who get up at 4:00 am come Monday. 🙁 I’ll be snoozing by halftime.

    • Shel Harrington

      4:00 a.m.???? That adds another dimension to the term “morning person!” DVRs were created with you in mind< Jill - for the commercials, of course!

      • Oh yes, DVR is my friend. I’m definitely a morning person. I’m at my desk by 6:00 am.
        Loved your comment today, Shel! xo

  • good ideas, I only watch for the fun commericals…

  • Interesting suggestions, Shel. We’ll be with our daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren…and the kids will be “building pizzas” to bake and eat before kick-off. Our 10 year-old grandson knows more team statistics than anyone else, and he plays commentator. It’ll will be quite a day.

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