Christmas Stocking Stuffers for $5 or Less – the 5-Day Stocking-Stuffer Extravaganza!

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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza

With all the mini-mystery packages and unexpected surprises, Christmas stockings were a fun part of childhood Christmases. Want to recapture some of that childhood awe and magic of the holiday season? Bigger is not always better. All gifts don’t have to be ‘mature.’ Make a date with your mate to swap stockings for Christmas. The only thing more fun than stuffing a stocking personalized especially for the one you love is watching that loved one explore the treasures you buried therein!

Whether you’re a stocking-stuffer-novice or have been successfully delighting your mate for years with your stocking stuffer finesse, over the next 5 days this CHRISTMAS STOCKING STUFFER EXTRAVAGANZA will provide over 200 ideas, suggestions, and tips to make this year’s stocking the best-stuffed ever! Here’s the lineup:

Christmas Stocking Stuffers for $5 or Less


  1. Mini picture frame (with or without fun picture)
  2. Bubbles (yes, to blow – get one for you, too for a bubble blow-off)

    Luggage tag courtesy of
    Luggage tag courtesy of
  3. Magazine
  4. Luggage tag
  5. Vintage candy (from their era)
  6. Nail clippers
  7. Refrigerator message magnet
  8. Hair gel
  9. Shoehorn
  10. Popcorn packets
  11. Popcorn seasonings
  12. Chapstick (bacon flavor, anyone?)

    Courtesy of
    Courtesy of
  13. Scissors
  14. Toothbrush
  15. Hot chocolate packets
  16. Mints/gum
  17. Chopsticks
  18. Hair pick
  19. Hand sanitizer
  20. Travel size toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, powder, etc)
  21. 1 oz. alcohol ‘nips’
  22. Single boxed truffle
  23. Pens/pencils/highlighters
  24. Glue stick
  25. Tangerine
  26. Lottery tickets
  27. Coffee gift card
  28. Bookmark

    Crazy Straw
    Crazy Straw
  29. Sunscreen
  30. Crazy straw
  31. Packets of nuts, granola, seeds
  32. Fake tattoos
  33. Golf tees
  34. Handcream
  35. Hat pins
  36. Shot glass
  37. Nail brush
  38. Key chain
  39. Cheesy movie from the discount bin

    Twister curly shoelaces come in many colors - some even sparkle!
    Twister curly shoelaces come in many colors – some even sparkle!
  40. Fun shoelaces (have you seen the curly ones?)
  41. Flavored dental floss/teeth picks
  42. Bumper stickers
  43. Cracker Jacks
  44. Stress balls
  45. Post-it notes
  46. Ice cream sauce
  47. Bandana
  48. Squirt gun (get a bigger one for you to have on hand!)
  49. Packets of flavored oatmeal
  50. Mini sewing kit
  51. Spices, seasoning packets, rubs, finishing salts
  52. Miniature jars of jelly or condiments
  53. Silly putty, Silly String, or some other silly messy ‘toy’
Blast-from-the-past Silly Putty for a stocking stuffer
Blast-from-the-past Silly Putty for a stocking stuffer

Tomorrow the CHRISTMAS STOCKING-STUFFER EXTRAVAGANZA continues with 75 gender-neutral stocking stuffer ideas.  See you there!

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  • At our house the girls (now grown) like a box of sugary cereal in their stocking as part of Christmas breakfast- it has become a tradition! Great list!

    • Shel Harrington

      That’s fun! I immediately thought of my husband’s favorite childhood choice – and it does come in those variety packs of mini boxes. Hmmmm . . .

  • Shel, great list! But hat pins?! hahah What about a little padlock so that when you travel you can lock your goodies in your suitcase when you leave the room? Kind of goes with the luggage tag.

    • Shel Harrington

      Are you thinking of the old-fashioned keep-your-hat-on hat pins, Luanne? I’m talking about the ones that guys stick on their baseball caps that have team emblems or zippy sayings. (I suspect there’s a few younger than me that won’t know what I’m talking about with the first reference!) I have padlocks on my athlete/health enthusiast list for Thursday themes, but I didn’t think about it for the travel list – that’s a good add. Of course, it would need to be sturdier than those old diary ‘padlocks’ which, according to my brother, weren’t worth . . . much (yes, I’m paraphrasing!)

  • I am excited about this week’s blogs, Shel. We love stockings at our house, and I’m taking your posts as my shopping lists.

    • Shel Harrington

      There’s lots more to come, Brandi! The problem I’m having now is to stop adding to the lists!

  • Fun list, Shel. How did you come up with so many “interesting” items? The ones that really got my attention were the single boxed truffle and the alcohol ‘nips.’ Can’t wait for those 75 gender-neutral stuffers!

    • Shel Harrington

      Oh, this was just a little list I tossed together. After obsessing about it for weeks and scratching notes on any piece of paper that was in range. I’m pretty sure I threw out some great ideas with last week’s TV guide!

  • I read this in my copy of THE TWELVE TEAS OF CHRISTMAS:

    “The Victorian rule of thumb for filling a Christmas stocking was ‘Something to eat, something to read, something to play with, and something they need!'”

    I like that. 🙂

    • Shel Harrington

      Love it! Chocolate would be a twofer – covers the eat AND the need!

  • Our favorite stocking stuffer around here is chocolate (any kind). We just have to make sure the dog doesn’t pull down the stockings before we get to them.

    • Shel Harrington

      I agree with you, Maria – hard to go wrong with chocolate! I just mentioned to Jill that if the bacon flavored chapstick was chocoloate covered bacon, I might even give that a try!

  • Great list, Shel! I think I’ll pass on the bacon flavored Chapstick…yuck. I’m all over the Silly Putty, I love that stuff!

    • Shel Harrington

      Yah – that bacon chapstick is probably more of a guy thing. Unless, of course, it’s chocolate covered bacon – then I’d have to give it a try!

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