Marriage: 5 to Make You Smile

Posted by: Shel Harrington 5 September, 2014 17 Comments

Marriage: 5 to Make You SmileFor today’s Friday Five, here are 5 on marriage that will help you head into the weekend with a smile on your face!

1. It’s all about doing what works.

Marriage: 5 to Make You Smile2. Now there’s some math that adds up! To be able to print out the saying and/or see what it looks like framed, click on the picture.

Marriage: 5 to Make You Smile3. A new way to send (pack?) a love note! Scratch your message onto the banana peel and by lunch it has “appeared”!Marriage: 5 to Make You Smile4. May your wishes come true. (So I guess there are 102 Things to Say to Make Your Mate Feel Great!) This one’s simple to whip up, too!

Marriage: 5 to Make You Smile5. And remember this . .

Marriage: 5 to Make You SmileHAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

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