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Shel Harrington Speaking

Church groups ~ Women’s groups ~ Civic groups ~ Writing groups

Marriage seminars ~ Divorce workshops ~ Newlyweds ~ Teens


Marriage is Serious Business – Now Let’s Have Some Fun!
Being intentional about prioritizing the marriage relationship is necessary if one is committed to having an until-death-do-us-part union. With everybody having such a busy schedule, we need to get creative about staying plugged in to our spouses – and have fun doing it! Here’s how!

The Surprising Little Things That Can Land You in Divorce Court – and How to Avoid Them!
Both adultery and domestic abuse are serious issues that can destroy marriages, but neither is the most common reason for divorce. Small behaviors can add up to big marital damage – but, once identified, can be easily avoided!

Pray, Play, Stay – Making Your Marriage Stronger
Loving, honoring, and enjoying our spouses is biblical – and yet we often forget the “enjoy” part. We’ll explore 10 ways to get intentional about having fun with our spouses.

10 Mistakes Newlyweds Make – and How to Avoid Them
Avoiding the marriage-jeopardizing missteps many newlyweds take is easy  – once you know what they are!


Dating Smarter – 10 Ways to Avoid Dating Disaster
Avoid unhappily-ever-after by being informed about the company you keep and learning to spot red flags which will alert you to potential dire consequences of a continued relationship with your date.

(For teenagers) Preventing Divorce Starts Before Marriage
The best way to avoid divorce is to marry the right person. Developing good dating strategies will ensure that you do just that!


Making Divorce Less Difficult – 10 Tips to Get You Through It
Divorce is rarely easy, but there are some things you can do to make it less difficult.

Helping a Loved One Through Divorce
It’s often challenging to know what to do – or say – when a loved one is going through the painful process of divorce. Learn specific strategies to help you help them!

Divorce and Children

What Every Divorced Parent Needs to Hear
No matter how diligent a parent is about trying to protect children from the pain and conflict of divorce, there are things no parent will ever know about how their child is really doing unless someone tells them. That’s why every divorced parent will benefit from the insight of the experts who deal with children of divorce, including teachers, counselors, judges, and other children who have been through divorce.

How to Rock Being a Long-Distance Parent
Living miles away from a child is difficult for both the parent and the child. But, with a little creative thinking, you and your child can stay connected and enjoy each other even when you’re miles apart.

For Writers

Growing Your Facebook Page – How to Get Them to LIKE You!
25 Effective strategies for growing your Facebook page – and they are all FREE!

How to Get Your Name Out There When Nobody Knows Your Name        Over a dozen specific strategies to build name recognition and get your work noticed.

Aging with Humor

Young at Heart but Substantially Older Everywhere Else
As we age, losing hair, skin tone, and strength are out of our control – but losing our sense of humor is optional!

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