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5 FAQs about Child Custody Answered
Child Custody: 5 FAQs Answered

Child custody battles are often the most difficult part of divorce proceedings. Property can be divided or sold, debts can be assigned to one party or the other, but how custody/visitation plans are structured is much more complex. As  mothers and fathers contemplate divorce or (if not married to each other) paternity actions, they often...

Children and Divorce – How it SHOULD Be

I have written plenty about what parents do during divorce that negatively impacts their children. So I am delighted to give you some input about, and a wonderful example of, putting children first in spite of the parent’s divorce. Judge Robert Davis shared an anecdote a few years back that left me feeling compelled to...

What Children Want Their Divorced Parents to Know About the Holidays

Children anticipate the holidays eagerly – gifts, special food, no school – what’s not to like?  They are often oblivious to the stress adults may experience this time of year. Unless they have to divide their holidays between two warring parents. Nothing sucks the joy out of the season for a child faster than having...

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