Themed Christmas Stocking Stuffers – Day 4 of the Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza

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Themed Christmas Stocking Stuffer

Have a sports enthusiast, coffee lover, tea drinker, animal lover, sports fan, or other special interest enthusiast for a mate? We’ve got something for you! Over the past three days we’ve covered almost 200 suggestions for Christmas stocking stuffers based on price, gender, and cross-over appeal. If you have been waiting for a more organized approach to personalizing your mate’s stocking, why not pick an aspect of their life that’s important to them and/or you want to celebrate,  and choose your stocking stuffers around that theme? Following are  12 themed collections. If you don’t find you category here, you’ll be full of ideas for it by the time you get done looking at these groupings!


Stocking stuffers for knitters


Knitting needles; crochet hooks; cross stitch fabric; unusual yarn; embroidery floss; mini embroidery hoops; stitch-counters; cloth tape measure; knitting/crocheting/quilting magazine and/or subscriptions; gift card to fabric, yarn or hobby store; needles; thread; pattern pamphlets; Burt Bees hand salve; row counters; scissors; seem rippers; yarn dots; oversize buttons; knitting cards; gift certificate for classes; tickets for textile or quilt exhibit; how-to DVD



Stocking stuffers for cooks


STeam releasers - Lid Sid  (image courtesy of
STeam releasers – Lid Sid
(image courtesy of
Hedgehog Cheese Grater (image courtesy of
Hedgehog Cheese Grater (image courtesy of

Measuring spoons; mini utensils (spatula, tongs, basting brush); cookie/melon scoops; hot pads; cookie cutters; oven mitt; apron; cookie/cupcake garnishes; frosting tips; interesting spices; meat rubs; garlic press; egg slicer; cheese slicer; wooden spoons; foodpaste; decorative cupcake/muffin/candy liners; timer; shears; tickets for chocolate tasting; mini or paperback cookbooks; cooking or food magazine/subscription; steam releaser (Sid Lid); ladle; pepper mill; sea salts; instant-read thermometer; pie crust weights; garnishing tools; napkin folding book; corn holders; miniature salt and pepper shakers; gourmet condiments; onion goggles; whisks; oil mister; bag clips; ravioli stamp; zester; how-to DVD; gift certificates for classes


Stocking stuffers for artistsARTISTS

Brushes; tubes of paint, mini canvas, collapsible mini easels, charcoal pencils, colored pencils, gel pens, magic markers, felt-tip calligraphy pens, how-to DVD, pencil sharpener; eraser; maniken set (people or animals); paint knife; mini sketch book; brush holders; paint markers; brush cleaner/preservative; paint stain remover; Master Artist’s hand soap; gift certificate to art supply or hobby store; tickets to art event; art magazine/subsription



Stocking stuffers for writers


Mini notebooks; pocket thesauras/dictionary, leather journal; book of author quotes; magnetized sayings; encouraging quotes in mini frames (put together yourself); pens/pencils; coffee mug; coffee; energizing snack food; mood-setting music CD; flashdrives; T-shirt (at left); post-it-notes; gift card to office supply store; gift certificate for coffee shop; book-on-tape on topics they research; tickets to author’s lecture or writing event; writing magazine/subsription; mousepad; notecards; earplugs; fingerless gloves; hand-held voice recorder


Stocking stuffers for book lovers


Zippy reading glasses Zippy reading glasses (image cortesy of
Zippy reading glasses
Zippy reading glasses
(image cortesy of

Paperback books; book marks; mug; beverage packet (coffee, tea, hot chocolate); reading glasses;

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

book light; magnetized book sayings; T-shirt; book jewelry (come in bracelets, necklaces and earrings with book sayings or book shapes); book on tape; movie version of book DVD; book socks; eyeglass lanyard; book phone cover; book lover’s tote bag; book ends; ‘do not disturb sign’; gift card to book store



Stocking stuffer for sports fan


Can cozy; ball cap; team pins/emblems for hat; team lanyards; tickets to a game/event; sports magazine/subscription; Stocking stuffer sports fansport-based movie DVD; fake tatoos; racquet balls/tennis balls/golf balls; themed briefs; power bars; team socks; T-shirt; themed watch/jewelry; steering wheel cover; bumper sticker; window decals; license plate frame; mini calendar with game dates highlighted; trading cards; sports flash drive; sports magazine/subscription

Sport flashdrives
Sport flashdrives



Stocking stuffers for athletes


Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Pedometer; hand/wrist weights; trail mix; power bars; visor; sweat/wristbands; socks; sunglasses; magnetized motivational sayings; earbuds; iPod gift card; gloves; weighted jumprope; athletic tape; sports watch; interval timer; water bottle; lip balm; training journal; clip light; head phones; gift certificate to gym or sporting goods store; fitness magazine/subscription




Stocking stuffers for tea and coffee loversCOFFEE or TEA LOVERSStocking stuffer for coffee lovers

Coffee: Mini bags of coffee; packages of cookies; mini cream pitcher; biscotti; coffee lip balm; coffee scoop; expresso tamper; mug cozy; mini electric coffee grinder; coffee drink recipes; coffee shop gift card

Tea: Tea bags; packets of loose tea; sugar spoons; scone mix; infusers; shortbread cookies; mini jars of jelly/jam; jar of curd; tea towel; flavored honey; tea ball; gift certificate to tearoom

Manatee tea infurser
Manatee tea infurser
Courtesy of
Courtesy of


Both: Mugs; T-shirt; themed magnets; insulated car cups; themed book marks; cup-shaped notecards or sticky notes; bumper sticker




Stocking stuffers for gardeners

Light Bulb Terrarium Courtesy of
Light Bulb Terrarium
Courtesy of


Seed packets; mini pots for windowsill garden; paperback gardening/cooking/preserving food books; mini hardcover herb books; decorative plant stakes; how-to DVDs; tickets to home and

Plant decoration (Courtesy of
Plant decoration
(Courtesy of

garden event; bonsai tree; garden gloves; hand soap; hand cream; gift card to lawn and garden store; rain gauge; seedling hose nozzle; fertilizer spikes; plant label; marking pen; mini terrariums






Stocking stuffers for travellersTRAVELERS

Luggage tag (courtesy
Luggage tag

Destination brochures; luggage tags; travel clotheslsine; packable wine glasses; mini alarm clock; electric adapter; travel toiletries (shampoo,conditioner, toothpaste, powder, hand cream); Sewing kit; shoe-shine cloth; book light; foreign language dictionary; earbuds; gift card to e-books; travel magazine/subscription; gum; mints/hard candy; breakfast bars; tea bags; laundry bag; postcard stamps; lint brush; paperback novel; earplugs; disposable camera; book-on-tape; travel journal; mini notebook; inflatable neck pillow



Stocking stuffers for animal lovers and Noahs Ark


Eyeglass Holders (courtesy of
Eyeglass Holders
(courtesy of

Eyeglass holders; National Geographic-type DVDs; themed jewelry; personalized name tag for their pet; mini cat/dog/rooster, etc. calendar; mini frames with pet’s picture; themed bandanas/socks/briefs/T-shirts; mug with their pet on it (plan ahead); refrigerator animal magnets; animal drink stirrers; pet food recipes; themed Christmas ornaments; Humane Society notecards; animal keychains (I’ve seen barking dogs and meowing cats with flashlights!); Cat Fancy/Dog Lover magazines/subsription

So many themes – so little time! While I’m not going to get to the wine lovers, inspirational, gamers, movie lovers, crafters, teachers, and some of the other themes I would like to cover, I can’t resist showing you a picture or two (or three) that I had in hopes of getting there.

Such as:

Ugly sweater bottle cover (courtesy of
Ugly sweater bottle cover
(courtesy of
Mini guitar skillet (Courtesy of
Mini guitar skillet
(Courtesy of
Wine glass combo drink marker/coaster (courtesy of
Wine glass combo drink marker/coaster
(courtesy of

Coasters that serve as glass markers, too. And a mini guitar skillet for the music lover. And I sure wouldn’t want to leave out the ugly sweater bottle cover!

Well, tomorrow is the wrap-up for the CHRISTMAS STOCKING STUFFER EXTRAVAGANZA. We’ll finish off with ideas for places to get stocking stuffers and suggestions for wrapping. See you there!




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  • I’m a theme addict. I blame it on my days as a kindergarten teacher. 🙂 Love, love, love the ideas.

    • Shel Harrington

      Kindergarten teacher??? I love the way life stories unfold here in blogland, Kim! It was hard to stop adding new themes. I’ve already got notes on 8 themes I didn’t get to. I swore I wouldn’t do a whole week again, but if I keep obsessing about the missed themes, it will take me a week next year to cover them all!

      • I know what you mean, I used to have about 3 years of kindergarten themes to cover in 9 months. I loved thinking up ideas.

        Yeah, kindergarten teacher in a past life. Seems like a million years ago.

        • Shel Harrington

          I’m not sure how it goes, Kim – do creative people gravitate toward the imagination of young children or does teaching young children bring out one’s creativity? Either way, it seems like you have been well-served by the experience!

  • Flashdrives is (are?) the BEST idea ever.

    • Shel Harrington

      And did you see all the cool options for them?? I was tempted to deviate from the mission and just do lists of flashdrives and tea infusers!

  • Great ideas! I got sidetracked on the writers and book lovers section…shopping for myself. 🙂

    • Shel Harrington

      Yah – those two were the easiest to write. As in “Hmmmmm, what would I like that could fit in a stocking?” But I have to say, even though I’m a casual tea drinker, I was pretty smitten with the variety of tea infusers I came across. That manatee infuser really struck a note because my folks (and sis) live in Florida and there is a manatee watch site close by that I always try to hit during a visit – I’m probably at about 50{2303b849a176fc4c55cbcb5b49f44c0b6a86ba83e746fb3d962701d1b8d54085} for an actual siting – they are really something. And who knew you could have one sitting in your daily tea?!

  • I am inspired- now can you arrange for someone to shovel me out of my house so I can put these great thoughts into action?

    • Shel Harrington

      I’m sending over a blow dryer and an extension cord because I know you believe self-help, when possible, can be empowering, Dr. Lisa!

  • I know someone who would use those coaster/markers, Shel. (Hint-not-so-subtle-hint!) 🙂

    • Shel Harrington

      I’m sure G will think (and rightfully so) you are worth every penny of that $20 cost!

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