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Marriage and Social Media
Social Media and Marriage – the Good, the Bad, and Even Some Ugly

            With internet and easy access to computers, we have a plethora of ways to communicate that didn’t exist prior – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  and a bunch of other means that those of you with teenagers know the names of. Social media has brought together people who would not have otherwise met, reconnected people who...

Google the One You’re With

The best way to avoid divorce is to not marry the wrong person. There’s no 100{2303b849a176fc4c55cbcb5b49f44c0b6a86ba83e746fb3d962701d1b8d54085} guarantee when you pick a mate it’s the right choice. There is a way, however, to improve the odds. How? Glad you asked! If you are buying a new car, you would likely look on the internet and find...

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