Marriage: Troubled Waters or Sea Glass?

Marriage: Troubled Waters or Sea Glass?Have you ever experienced troubled waters in your marriage? Periods of time when you felt it was broken? Or had events occur that caused so much damage it seemed like the marriage was beyond repair?

If you have been married any length of time, odds are good you’ve experienced some hurts, challenges, or obstacles to the marital bliss you envisioned when you murmured a dreamy “I do.”

Think of your marriage like a bottle. Any kind of bottle – plain, fancy, colored, clear, milk or wine. All are made from fragile glass. When whole, they are useful, serviceable, predictable in their purpose and capabilities.

Over the years your bottle will get dings, chips, and stress cracks. Tough times could cause it to break. Crisis might result in it being smashed or shattered in so many pieces it can never be put together as the same bottle again.

But broken glass isn’t useless. Ever heard of sea glass (a/k/a beach glass)? If bottles are tossed into the sea whole, they may float ashore looking very close to when they hit the water. But if the bottle is broken? The individual pieces are churned in the water, pounded by waves, and ground down by the sand. Jagged edges are smoothed. Once-ordinary glass has been transformed by turbulence into shining gem-like pieces.

Collectors compete to be first at the beach in search of sea glass to create with. Once-broken pieces can come together in ways that surprise and delight. The smoothed out glass can no longer cut. It’s weathered surfaces are more chip-resistant. The broken pieces that survive the raging ocean storms are transformed into beautiful mosaics. If the bottle had remained intact, it would still be serviceable, useful, and, well . . . nice. It’s only by enduring some breakage that it can be honed into a thing with character, strengthened by grout that holds the pieces together, and transformed into a thing of timeless beauty.

Which one do you think is more interesting?

Marriage: Troubled Waters or Sea Glass

Courtesy sirenglass.com

Courtesy sirenglass.com


Which one do you appreciate more?

Which one do you think will last the longest?

Cortesy of finartamerica.com

Cortesy of finartamerica.com

Marriage: Troubled Waters or Sea Glass









Which one do you think has the most value?




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