5 Ways to Put Some PUNCH in Your Easter Brunch

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5 Ways to Put Some Punch in Your Easter BrunchIf you are gathering around the table with family and friends for that special after-services meal, you may be wondering what you can do to add a little pizazz to it. Here are five fun ways to Put Some Punch in Your Easter Brunch!

1. Eggs in a basket. Add some bacon or sausage, a bowl of fruit and some finishing coffee cake, and the menu is complete! [Click the picture to see the instructional video from Cooking Light]

Eggs in a basket

2. Peeps Centerpiece. It’s like a little bit of sunshine on the table! Click on the picture for instructions.

Peeps centerpiece

3. Egg-Head Printables. These are just plain fun. Mr. Potato Head will be jealous. [Update: the original site removed this link since this article was first posted, but you can use the quirky faces for inspiration to cut out your own from card stock and adhere to hard-boiled eggs with a dab of glue]

Easter Egg Head Printables

4. Personal Smores. Done Easter style! These make great table favors. Or put them in a bowl by the door for guests to take as they leave.

Personal smores

5. Punch. In case you took the title here literally, I didn’t want to disappoint. This simple punch recipe from Taste of Home adds the fruit and sparkle to a wonderful Easter brunch!

Easter punchENJOY!

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  • Since I don’t particularly like the taste of Peeps, decorating with them seems like a fabulous idea. The fact that I like the idea of impaling them to do so may be another blog entirely.

    • Shel Harrington

      Hmmmm – then I have some blog fodder for you: Peep bunny kabobs. True story.

  • Oh, wow! Shel, these eggs in the basket look so good, and like so much fun! We’re having friends over for brunch, so instead of fixing my stand-by egg dish, this is what I’ll be fixing! Thank you!

  • You’re gonna be a busy gal on Good Friday…AM stocking up on those Peeps!!

    • Shel Harrington

      Punch a hole in the packs – I like them better when they’re slightly stale. Reminds me of those ‘ice cream cones’ we used to get at the Old Fashioned Candy Store in Romeo. Of course, I didn’t realize they were stale – I just thought they were supposed to be chewy. See you soon!

  • Cute idea, Shel! I love the printable eggs! Suddenly, I have a craving for a Smore….

    • Shel Harrington

      The printable egg-heads were my favorite, too. Never one to stick with the instructions (always read as a last resort!) it sparked a lot of ideas!

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