5 Ways to Stop the Fight Before It Starts

Posted by: Shel Harrington 9 October, 2013 31 Comments

Our last chat was about strategies to win that marital spat if things weren’t going your way. But is there really a winner when spouses argue? The best fight you can have with your mate is the one that doesn’t get started. Here are 5 ways to change the course of a discussion that’s headed toward fightsville.i love you more


1. Say the unexpected. Throw out fun facts. Or make one up. “Did you know that Shrek was originally supposed to be blue, but that got changed when he got mistaken for an oversized Smurf?”

2. Start singing. You might start off with something from your wedding, move to Coke’s “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (in perfect harmony)” closely followed by Kumbaya. Don’t stop until your mate is singing along with you.

3. Wink. Close your eyes. Repeat. This will, more likely than not, result in your spouse saying: “What are you doing?” To which you respond: “It’s the opposite of rolling my eyes – it indicates eye agreement.”

4. Toss out a memory. One that had you both belly laughing. “Remember the time Bob was showing off on his pogo stick and fell face-first into that mud puddle?” I bet it will crack you both up all over again.

5. Pull a picture out of your pocket. A really cute one of the two of you together. Hold it up in front of your face. Now who can argue with that? Having such a picture in your pocket at all times will also serve as insurance – kind of like how it never rains when you actually have an umbrella with you!

Do you have any other suggestions for heading off a fight before it gets started? Share your technique in the comment section below.

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