7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Marriage

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7 Ways to Spring Clean Your MarriageWhen the first crocus peeps through the snow we start looking forward to the freshness of spring. Windows  get opened and many of us get that itch. Out with the old, in with new – it’s spring cleaning time!

What spring cleaning does for our homes – freshening, organizing, lightening up – it can do for our marriages. And you won’t even need buckets and sponges for this one!

1. Dust off the blinds and open them up. With the sun streaming in it’s easier to see what has been ignored.  Have you been putting off tackling a tough discussion? Avoiding mundane things like making a will or compiling an inventory list for insurance purposes in case of a crisis? Getting on the other side of such talks or tasks lifts a guilty burden and allows the peace of mind to focus on more enjoyable endeavors.

2. Air out any grievances. Just like opening windows brings in a wave of freshness to replace what’s stale, getting out in the open a grievance you’ve been harboring allows you to move forward with a fresh start. If you’ve been holding onto it with building resentment, determined not to say anything in an attempt to avoid conflict, chances are things won’t end well. It’s better to discuss any such topic in a calm, planned moment than to risk eruption in a heated moment.

3.  Scrub out negative influences. One spot on the carpet has the ability to mar the appearance of the whole room. You would think nothing of taking a scrub brush to it. Evaluate the people you surround yourself with. Sure you want to have family and couple friends in your life. But if it is having a negative effect, if they are people who are not supportive of your mate or your marriage, reconsider how much interaction you want to have with them.

4. Clean the clutter in your schedule. Cleaning out our closets and getting rid of all the clothes that don’t fit makes it easier to see great options that got shoved in the back. When our to-do list gets longer than our grocery list, it’s time to cross a few things off the list that get it in the way of having quality time with each other.

5. Sweep off the cobwebs. Spring is often a time to sweep cobwebs off the porch furniture so you can enjoy sitting outside. What else has garnered cobwebs that is holding you up from enjoying the fresh outdoors together? Bicycles? Tennis rackets? Rowing gear? Sweep away and have a new date with your old stuff!

6. Spruce up the place. We can’t wait to get rid of the heaviness of winter – we change sofa pillows, blankets, and linens to brighten up the home and celebrate a new season. Do the same with your appearance. Had the same hairdo for too many winters to count? Try something new. Fun make-up colors, lighter cologne, that spring-time clothing item that makes your mate think “spring is here!”

7. Polish what you’re keeping. Now that you’ve cleaned out the clutter and rousted out what’s not working, you’re left with some precious stuff. Some of it may be getting a little tired or stiff from disuse, but a little spring cleaning can change that. Put a fresh coat of love over all that is good in your marriage and polish it to perfection with your appreciation for who each other is and your gratitude for what you have.



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  • I like this piece as well. I would recommend once per every season. We also want to have a good marriage in the other seasons. 🙂

    Not much of an expert, neither in the parfum department, but I am fond of parfum deodorants.
    Maybe you find your scent in one of those.
    They are way cheaper, and you can more often change your scent to bring in the new you mentioned in number 6. 🙂

    • Shel Harrington

      Good points, Mirjam! Seasonal marriage check ups make sense for good maintenance. After all, who only checks their car oil once a year? And we’re so much important than what we drive! Thanks for stopping by! By the way, I found your site on true crime intriguing!

      • A marriage is an investment. Periodic evaluations seem mandatory.
        Maybe we even need the same concept as a business plan for it! 😛

        Thank you for the comment about my site. I try to create it as interesting as possible. In a second language that sometimes can be tricky.

        • Shel Harrington

          I can’t imagine trying to write in a second language, Mirjam – it’s hard enough sometimes to get my thoughts together in my primary language! Good job!

          • Thank you! I sort of rolled into it. Of course I learned the language in school and maintained it since then, but to actually write articles and even an e-book in that language is a more recent ballgame. The book started the end of december and the blog you visited has only seen the life light since the end of March. 🙂

          • Shel Harrington

            Wow – you’ve covered a lot of ground for it only being a few weeks old!

  • What a clever approach to spring cleaning! Thanks for such a sunny post. It’s so true. We spruce up our stuff, but we often neglect our relationships. I just bought some new perfume, so I guess I can check that off my list!

    • Shel Harrington

      I’ve been looking for something very fresh and green – can’t seem to find anything that’s not floral saturated or musky. Wouldn’t mind spicy carnation, but haven’t found that either. Let me know if you hear of something that fits the bill so I can scratch it off my list, too!

  • wonderful suggestions!

    • Shel Harrington

      Thanks, Lin – I bet you could add a few with your years of experience!

  • Since one of my jobs is cleaning houses, this post is close to my heart. Love it, Shel.

    • Shel Harrington

      I bet the sun is shining through sparkly windows at your house, Kim! Do you mind if I ask a professional question? (If the answer is ‘no,’ stop reading now) What is your favorite product for making windows and mirrors sparkle and do newspapers really work? (It might look like two questions, but it’s really a compound question!)

  • Great list, Shel! And no sponges, buckets or mops required…that makes it all the better!

    • Shel Harrington

      And sunshine instead of harsh, abrasive chemicals – that’s my idea of spring cleaning!

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