Baby Helmets That Will Make You Smile

Posted by: Shel Harrington 4 April, 2014 14 Comments

Paula Strawn baby helmetOne of the few challenges more difficult than parenting is parenting a special needs child. The angst of working through medical issues, academic issues, and dealing with sometimes daunting equipment is just a fraction of the concerns that such parents have. So anything that can make otherwise intimidating equipment actually put a smile on one’s face has got to be a good thing, right?

Artist Paula Strawn found a way to do just that. A friend of hers had a grandchild who had to wear a corrective helmet due to a treatable condition called flat-head syndrome. The friend asked Strawn if she would please paint that “ugly thing.” And so Strawn did. The baby’s doctor saw it and encouraged Strawn to leave some business cards at his office. Twelve years –  and over 1000 “ugly helmets” transformed into works of art that put a smile on faces – later,  Strawn is inspiring others and still creating custom works of art, one helmet at a time! Here are five more examples of her wonderful work and  options available:

1. Ocean lifePaula Strawn baby helmet

2. Traditional Art

Paula-Strawn baby helmet3. Stories come to lifePaula-Strawn painted baby helmet4. Fruit that looks good enough to eat with cute sayings

Paula-Strawn painted baby helmet watermelon5. Cartoons that look animated

Paula Strawn cartoon baby helmetBonus: Just too many cute options to stop at five!

Paula-Strawn baby helmet To see more of Strawn’s amazing work or get information about her services, visit her website at


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