Celebrate Your Child’s Mom – 5 Mother’s Day Gifts There’s Still Time to Find

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                 If you have already assisted your child in making his mom a beautiful one-of-a-kind art project for Mother’s Day – maybe something that included spray-painted macaroni or a colorful handprint on a paper plate – know that you are not done. Oh sure, you get brownie points for helping your child have a gift for mom, but it is, after all, his gift. And you might actually lose a brownie point or two if you put a ribbon on it and leave the child with the expectation that Mom will hang it from the rearview mirror in her car.

            I hear you grumbling about how I should have told you this sooner instead of three days before Mother’s Day. But don’t despair – there is still time to put together a meaningful, thoughtful gift to celebrate the woman you love. Here are five suggestions:

1.     Surprise her. Contact somebody who is very special to her and set up a phone call from that dear person at an arranged time. Now be creative here – the thoughtful gesture looses all its oomph if it comes from someone she talks to on a regular basis. Think special buddy from high school, college, or the old neighborhood. Or that kid she was like a second mother to. Or that sibling that she only talks to once or twice a year because she lives overseas. You get the idea!          Bonus points: You bring her a favorite beverage while she’s on the phone.

2.      Inspire her. Put together a collection of sayings to inspire her. If she has a favorite hobby, cause, or activity, Google that topic with “inspirational sayings” or just “sayings.” If she has a favorite author, Google that name rolled sheetwith “quotes.” The same can be done with lines from songs of a favorite musician, artist, or poet. If you don’t have a favorite entity to focus on, look up inspirational sayings in general – you will find plenty to choose from! Print the sayings out on nice paper and either roll up and tie with a ribbon or cut them into 3×5 pieces and put them in an old-fashioned photo album – either makes a nice presentation.         Bonus points: The sayings have nothing to do with losing weight, eating healthy, or exercising more.

3.      Splurge on her. If you want the celebration to last longer than the day, consider one of the gift-of-the month clubs. Some items that can be purchased this way include flowers, cheese, fruit, coffee, cookies and spa or gardening selections. Most programs give an option of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months to suit varying budgets. You can print off the on-line page you order from and wrap it in a small gift box to present to her on Sunday. She will enjoy the monthly gifts as they come in and be reminded each time of what a thoughtful mate you are!      Bonus points: This is her favorite flower or food – not yours.

4.      Honor her. Sort through old photos or pictures still in the camera and find that special shot – the one that captures a precious mom-moment or her in a proud pose. Find a unique frame (hobby stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby usually have excellent options at affordable prices) to present it in.      Bonus points: The shot is a flattering.

5.      Pamper her.  Purchase a set of plush towels  just for her with matching wash cloth, face towel and bath towel.  Not just a bath towel – we’re talking a bath sheet.  Something cushy to embrace her as she steps out of the bath or shower. In addition to any department store, high end sets can be a good deal at discount stores like Tuesday Morning.         Bonus points: It matches the bathroom décor.

     Any of these options can be found and put together in the next day or so – thus, giving you plenty of time to present that meaningful gift to your loved one on Sunday.  She will be wowed – and rightfully so – at your thoughtfulness and creativity!

Do you have any suggestions for last-minute Mother’s Day gifts that don’t look last-minute? Please share in the comment section below.

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  • I love gifts of time. Show tickets can be purchased online for her to attend with family, a friend, or by herself. Who knows? She may even get to go to the “powder room” ALONE.

    • Shel Harrington

      Spoken like a mom who knows!

      • Shel Harrington

        Couldn’t agree more about the phones, Jill. Last night we went to a movie (a rareevening event for us)and a group of (what appeared to be ) friends filed in the row in front of us. They sat and each immediately pulled out a cell phone and played their game, watched their movie, or texted the entire 20 minutes before the movie started. Most put them away while the movie was on. As soon as the credits started rolling they each had their phone in hand (one can only imagine what urgent message they may have missed in the past 2 hours) and filed out reading and texting as they went. If asked, I wonder if they would say they enjoyed the company they were with last night.

  • Gina

    You’re the best Shel! Great ideas.

  • I would love to get any of these cool gifts. Think I’ll forward this to my daughter!

    • Shel Harrington

      Better hurry – only one (and a half) shopping days left before Mother’s Day!

  • Kay Hyde

    I love the idea of a bath sheet!!!

    Another suggestion would be to purchase a picture frame and put an IOU stating that Dad will take a picture of Mom and child to put in the picture. So many times Mom is the one taking the pictures and she never gets one of her and the kids.

    To accompany the frame, you might also have the child write out a short letter or 5 reasons why they love Mom so much. This is ofter much easier for yournger children to do that older children!

    • Shel Harrington

      Good ideas, Kay – and less messy than spray-painted macaroni!

  • My daughter Megan found an old photo of me when I was young. She then had a new photo of herself taken, in the same pose, and with similar clothes as my photo and dthen and put them side by side in a cool frame. One of my all time favorite gifts!

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