Collapsing Clutter

Posted by: Shel Harrington 14 March, 2014 18 Comments

Collapsing ClutterDoes kitchen clutter cause conflict in your home? Maybe I’m just projecting here! It’s been my experience that one way to learn some new (not-so-good) words is to be present while a spouse tries to open a kitchen drawer that is jammed. Some utensil, in an apparent attempt to escape, is now lodged in such a way that opening the drawer results in a major tug-of-war. There are no winners in that battle.

That’s why I was delighted to learn there are collapsible forms of some of our everyday kitchen gadgetry. These space-saving designs can make kitchen drawer tug-of-war obsolete. Here are five I like.

1. Salad Spinner. Once one starts using a salad spinner to have moist, crisp greens, it becomes necessary. But it takes up a lot of room in the cupboard. Unless, of course, you discover one of the many options of the collapsible version.Collapsible Plastic Salad Spinner2. Dexas Pop Silicone Colander. Not only does it fold flat, it has its own legs so you don’t have to hold it while draining or figure out how to attach it to the sink.

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3. Fold-flat Box Grater. Pictured here is the Joseph-Joseph-4-in-1. A web search of ‘folding graters’ will turn up numerous design joseph-joseph-4-in-1-fold-flat-box-grater-xl

4. Tea Kettle. This is a great product for someone who likes the occasional cup of tea but doesn’t want a kettle gathering dust on the stovetop. It’s also a great gift for campers.

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5. Folding Whisk. This is my absolute favorite because we use whisks at my house the way some people use wooden spoons – we always want a good one on hand. With this twist-to-fold-flat design we don’t have to worry about distorted wires from drawer-jam abuse.

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Hopefully collapsing kitchen clutter will bring peace to your home. The only down-side is you’ll have to expand your vocabulary the old-fashioned way – using the dictionary!

Hope you have a wonderful, uncluttered weekend!



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