Friday Five – Celebrate Spring

Posted by: Shel Harrington 21 March, 2014 14 Comments

Celebrate SpringSpring is officially here – in spite of what the weather may be telling you! Here are five ways to shake off the cold and bring some spring to your environment – and your step!

1. Start a windowsill herb garden. Or a forced bulb to have daffodil or tulip in your line of sight while doing those basic household chores. The herbs, of course, can be transplanted into the outside garden once the last frost is past.Windowsill herb garden


2. Wear yellow. Guaranteed to add a little sunshine where ever you go.yellow shirt


3. Hang a spring wreath on your door. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated – a simple circle of forsythia is a nice reminder that spring is in the air. If you’re a do-it-yourself type, check out Pinterest for easy ideas.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of


4. Get the scent. Create the sense of spring with a spring-scented car freshener or plug-in for your house. One to try is Yankee Clean Cotton Car Jar. yankee clean cotton

5. Check out this amazing Easter Egg display. What says ‘spring’ like colorful Easter Eggs? Volker and Christa Kraft have a 50-year old tradition of decorating an apple tree with their hand-painted Easter Egg collection – which now numbers over 10,000! Pictured here are samples of their eggs. Click HERE to see the incredible collection hanging in the tree.Easter egg collectionVolker Kraft's hand-painted Easter Eggs












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