How to Get Rich – Without Money

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Stuff is not evil. Everybody needs stuff. Even minimalists have some stuff. But how much stuff you have is not a measure of how rich your are. The secret to getting rich is to identify your wealth – then appreciate it and give it the value it’s due. Let’s get started assessing your wealth.

1.Think about what you love about your mate. Maybe even write it all down. Now review your list. Did anything on it cost money?

2. If you and your mate received wonderful news, how many people would you call because they’d be happy for you? If your answer is anything other than ‘zero,’ celebrate your wealth.

3. Are you well thought of at work? Do family members trust you with a secret? Are you known for your integrity in your community? If you enjoy a good reputation, you have an asset that money can’t buy.

4. Do you have cherished memories? Childhood events, good times with loved ones, family moments? Would you trade cold hard cash for them?

5. Laughter. The loveliest of stuff.  Do you have it? Do you share it? Are you aware that there are people who have no laughter in their lives?

6. Faith doesn’t come with a price tag that has a dollar amount on it.

7. The ability to read allows you to experience the world in a way that is not available to some. Bonus: Libraries – places you can go read almost anything you can imagine for FREE!

8. Love – for your mate, family, friends – cannot be bought, sold, or transferred. And it’s transportable. Unlike much of the other stuff you have, it can be taken with you where ever you go.

9. If you are reading this in the United States of America, you have freedoms that are unknown in many other places.

10. My parents, married over 65 years, have been known to start the day with one saying to the other: “I checked the obituaries today – we’re not in it. It’s going to be a good day.” (Now you can better understand where my ‘special’ sense of humor comes from!) Point being, I think most would agree that life is more precious than money. And if you’re reading this – you obviously have it.

Even though we can’t touch it or stack it, we all have substantial amounts of accumulated wealth. The secret to getting rich is to appreciate it  – really appreciate it – on a daily basis.

How to Get Rich - Without Money




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  • Kay

    Love this!! My family always knew we had more wealth within our hearts, minds, souls, & our relationships, than what a lot of people with monetary wealth had.

    • Shel Harrington

      You are doubly blessed – not only having the riches but having the awareness to celebrate them. It’s so sad to see people ignore their vast wealth while searching for what is soulless. Hope you have a great weekend, Kay!

  • Shel, your parents now have a special place in my heart. 🙂 This list is priceless … and I’m not using that word loosely and punnily. These are significant questions for a daily check in and daily gratitude. Thanks! Sharing.

    • Shel Harrington

      They are pretty neat people, Kim. They live in FL and don’t travel anymore so I’m lucky if I get to see them more than twice a year. “Punnily?” I like it! Thanks for sharing – I was bummed that the FB link didn’t work right on this post.

  • Great post, Shel. Sending it to the land of tweets!

    • Shel Harrington

      Thanks, Luanne. And the share is much appreciated – especially on this one where I managed to do something that has screwed up the FB link-up. Apparently one can’t delete a post, then restore it and expect everything to function properly – I feel like such a blogger newbie!

  • money can’t buy happiness!

    • Shel Harrington

      It’s such a basic premise, Lin – yet so many behaviors indicate that belief is not universal. Don’t you wish sometimes people would just ask us??

  • Natine

    Excellent summary of what constitutes true wealth, Shel! Very nicely done! (Your parents sound like mine! They lift their juice glasses up each morning, and one says, “Here’s to getting up!” and the other replies, “Without any help!” 🙂

  • Amen! This is the best post I’ve read so far on WordPress. We are all millionaires when we take time to count our blessings.
    Your parents sound like mine…two people who make me feel rich every day. Excellent post, Shel!

    • Shel Harrington

      Thank you, Jill – high praise indeed for someone who has read as many blogs as you have! I say we’re millionaires whether we count the blessings or not – those that count and appreciate are content millionaires! Sounds like Natine has parents like both of ours!

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