Married With Bobbleheads

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Married With BobbleheadsWhat makes people smile more than a bobblehead?  Known also as “wobblers” or “nodders,” these dolls often have oversized heads connected to the body by a spring or hook in such a way that the head bounces with a light tap or breeze.

You may have seen sports figures bobbilized (a new word I’m creating for the occasion!) or cute animals with bobbing heads on people’s dashboards. These smile-makers have been around for decades – my earliest memory of them was the Beatle dolls we received in . . . a previous year.

But you don’t have to be famous to be bobbilized! There are several companies that make custom bobbleheads from pictures – complete with specified outfits. They are a bit of a splurge, starting around $100 for a single figure. But, because the businesses are competitive, there’s a good chance that you can catch a promotional deal or a groupon for an order. And, for a special occasion, it may be the perfect gift for your spouse – or for you and your spouse to give. Here are 5 suggestions for creative bobblehead-gifting:

1. Surprise your spouse on a birthday or other special occasion with a bobblehead duo of them and their best friend. For double the fun (and a super-splurge), get two sets so they can give one to their friend!

2. Memorialize you and your spouse – bobblehead style – and present to your spouse on your anniversary. This will generate some serious brownie points in addition to the smiles!

3. Bobbing makes the heart grow fonder – pack a bobblehead of you in your spouse’s luggage when they are headed out of town, or send in a care package to that deployed spouse, so they can end their nights with your head-bobbing proclamation of love even though you’re miles – or countries – away.

4. From the two of you – to a child memorializing their sport, graduation, a special accomplishment, to friends for their anniversary (of them, of course!), to that special engaged couple who would get a kick out of wedding-cake topper that could keep on bobbing long after the cake was eaten.

5. Lead the way with a gifted bobblehead chosen just for the recipient – a favored pet, celebrity, family member – perched in front of them as they drive no matter where they go. I mean, what says “hood ornament” better than a bobblehead??

When friends and family want to chip in to get memorable gift for a special someone, bobbleheads can add just the right touch of humor to that special event. The only thing better than having a reason to say “bobblehead” ten times is to actually have or give one. Bobbleheads – the gift that keeps on bobbing!*

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*NO batteries or assembly required!

Note: This was not a sponsored post. Although I wish I’d thought of that – it might have solved the what-to-get-for-the-anniversary-gift-dilemma!

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  • I think hubby might like bobbleheads of our cats!

    • Shel Harrington

      It’s a gift I certainly would like to receive! If you really do it, Luanne, I’d love to see pictures!

  • You know I had never really thought about this as a gift idea! When I was looking for running themed cake toppers for our wedding I came across some of these companies, but hadn’t really thought about them since.
    Thank you for linking up with us over at True Agape!

    • Shel Harrington

      Thanks for having me, Cassie! And glad to put bobbleheads back on your radar!

    • Shel Harrington

      I agree, Lin – if they were a little more affordable I’d be gifting them right and left instead of just for the bigger occasions!

  • Absolutely hysterical! And yeah, what Dee Dee said… 🙂

  • Why did I not see Steve and Shel bobbleheads in this post?

    • Shel Harrington

      Natine and Dee Dee, I guess you just didn’t recognize that younger version of ourselves in the title pic!

  • We attended a 45th wedding anniversary last October, and there were two cakes at the dessert table. The first, a traditional wedding cake, had the little traditional bride/groom figurines together on the top…kept from their original wedding. The second cake, a red velvet, had bobbleheads of the couple now set in icing on the top. It was great!
    Thanks for this fun post.

    • Shel Harrington

      Love the cake-topper visual, Marylin. They come in at least 3 different sizes, so there should be something available for any size cake!

  • Ha ha! What a great gift idea, Shel. I love bobbleheads!

    • Shel Harrington

      They are definitely smile-inducers, Jill! Wish the price was such that I could gift them more often!

  • I’m chuckling while making my Christmas list…who will get bobblized (love the word Shel) in 2015? LOL!

  • Tome Schnella

    You really know how to put things into words.
    I enjoyed reading this. Great insight!

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