The Garden of Marriage

Posted by: Shel Harrington 23 April, 2015 16 Comments

The Garden of Marriage

The seasons of marriage are like having a garden with someone you love. There are distinct stages to get to, get to do, get through, and enjoy, too. Each one serves a purpose and contributes to the strengthening, longevity, and hearty success of the end result. Here are the stages of The Garden of Marriage:

Excitement at the prospect

Planning what will go into it

Getting the seeds and the plants that we intend to nurture along

Side-by-side, doing the work of tilling the soil and planting the seeds to ensure a good foundation

Patiently waiting to see new growth

Reawakening of excitement as the shoots come up – we’re starting to glimpse the end result!

Realization of the need to water and fertilize frequently to keep things growing strong

Grudging acceptance of having to weed, hoe and put in some time so the good stuff doesn’t get choked out by the destructive weeds

Frustration in having to prune and cut off potential growth so that the energy of the main plant isn’t sapped by growth going in too many different directions

Glee as the produce ripens to the point that we have enough to add to our meals

Pure enjoyment as the harvest is plentiful enough to become the meal itself

Spontaneous sharing of the abundance with friends and family

Over-whelmed with excessive bounty that seems to keep coming

Dissatisfaction of having to do things when they need to be done to avoid wasting what we worked hard to produce

Effort expended together to can, freeze, preserve what we have obtained

Satisfaction of seeing the pantry and freezer stocked with the wealth of our labor

Enjoying the ability to supplement meals with what we have at the ready

Satisfying, fresh-tasting produce to get us through the cold seasons when the garden is barren

The ability to pluck right off the shelf to share with loved ones for their enjoyment or time of need

Appreciation for the wisdom, the unity, the bounty, and the love that result from combined efforts.

Ahhhh. It’s not always easy, but it’s all so worth it! Enjoy what you have produced!

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