10 Good Holiday Deeds for You and Your Spouse to Commit

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10 Good Holiday Deeds You and Your Spouse Can CommitLooking for something fun to do with your spouse during the holiday season? Something that will give you a lift? Put a smile on your face? I’ve got the perfect solution: Commit Holiday Good Deeds. So. Much. Fun! Here’s 10 ideas to get the good-deed-doing started!

1. Pay down someone’s layaway. School counselors are a good resource for finding families who could use a helping holiday hand.

2. Bring a little Christmas cheer to someone who can’t get out and about. Take a mini tree and ornaments over to light up a corner. Whether they are alone, or family won’t arrive until the holidays, contribute to the happy glow.

3. Offer to babysit for that single parent or couple who are limited on funds so they can shop without the kids in tow.

4. Helping out with local food baskets? How about sticking in a card game if you know the recipient can use it and/or has children? They are compact and add a little entertainment to the mix! Skip-bo is a good one because two (or more) people can play, the cards are easy on the eyes, and you can find it at discount stores, drug stores, and games stores for under $10.

5. Send that neighbor on a tight budget an anonymous Christmas card containing a gift card to a nearby grocery store.

6. Bring your (well-behaved!) dog to a local nursing home. Of course you want to check with the appropriate person at the facility first to set up a good time and find out about any restrictions they might have. But it is well-established that animals can both lift the spirits of those who are down and calm down those who are agitated. Often seniors in nursing homes don’t have much opportunity to love on a pet – and many miss their own. When you see how much joy such a simple gesture can bring, you may want to extend your visits beyond the holiday season!

7. Offer to wrap gifts and/or hide them at your house for parents with inquisitive children who have little private time. My husband and I did this for years when we had next-door neighbors with little ones. We didn’t have family of our own locally and we fell into the tradition of hauling the gifts over to their house on Christmas Eve after the kids had gone to bed. After, we’d sit with the parents while sipping a Christmas drink, soft Christmas carols playing in the background, and enjoyed a wonderful chat. It led to a cherished friendship and lovely memories.

8. Donate blood. Donations are often down during the holidays due, in part, to all the added commitments that regular donors have. It’s a life-saving gift that costs you nothing but time. (And, for some, getting over the ewwwww factor of a needle being involved.  But just remember – you get cookies afterward!)

9. Volunteer to walk the dog one day a week (or more?) for that elderly neighbor who has a mobility challenge. This is even more helpful on icy days.

10. Wrap up some small gifts (a box of chocolate, a fold-up umbrella, a mini flashlight), carry them with you, and give them spontaneously to strangers you pass that seem harried, stressed out or depressed with a smiling “Merry Christmas” (or the greeting for the holiday you are celebrating).  WARNING: The joy of spontaneous gift-giving can become addictive!

Have a great idea for a holiday good deed or been the recipient of one? Tell us about it!

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  • Love these ideas!! Rich and I try to pick some family and doorbell ditch a bunch of food and presents, but we’ll have to expand out and try some of these suggestions!

    • Shel Harrington

      Glad you found something to add to the roster, Celeste – although it sounds like you already have a great tradition!

  • Last Sunday was the final day to order poinsettia plants for the front of the church and signify if they’re in memory or honor of someone, then pick them up after the Christmas service and take them home. Jim and I had been watching our wonderful asst. minister and his wife comforting two young children waiting for their grandmother.
    Our anonymous good deed was to fill out the form for a poinsettia in Honor of the Asst. Minister and His Wife for their loving care of all the little children of the church, and the poinsettia was to be given to them to take home after the service. We dug in our pockets and came up with the exact amount and slipped it in an envelope with the form. Our favorite holiday deeds are always anonymous things we do together.

    • Shel Harrington

      That’s really special, Marylin – the pair will have a lovely reminder for quite some time of how much they are appreciated. You know what they say: the couple who give together . . . just have more fun! OK – there is no “they.” But it’s still true!

  • Shel I love them all but especially the last one. So many people find it hard this time of year. Great to read such a positive post at breakfast time here. Kath

    • Shel Harrington

      Handing out unexpected gifts was my favorite on the list, too, Kath. It started out as an accident when my law partner and I found ourselves with an extra after giving to the court employees we intended to give to. You can imagine how many people there are on the domestic floor in the courthouse – where divorces and custody battles are raging – who could use a pleasant surprise. The reaction to the spontaneous gift was quite motivating. So we started deliberately buying extras. And the enjoyable practice spilled over into my non-work life. Fun, fun, fun!

  • Great suggestions, Shel. I love #7!

    • Shel Harrington

      We really had fun with that one, Jill. That tradition lasted over a decade – we saw the kids evolve from Candyland to the electronics of the day. Because we didn’t have kids, we probably enjoyed the glimpse of the magic of Christmas through a child’s eye more than some neighbors may have!

    • Shel Harrington

      Thanks, Noreen! By the way, I haven’t gotten any blog notices from you for a long time – did you change something up? Do I need to re-subscribe to get them again?

  • Great ideas, Shel – some new to me that I love!
    Now…who wants to wrap and hide the presents at their house so our Kidzilla doesn’t get to them???

    • Shel Harrington

      If I can play with them first, I might be interested!

  • So nice; great ideas from a loving spirit!

  • FABULOUS ideas, Shel – and a couple I hadn’t thought of! 🙂

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