Honor Their Father – Father’s Day Gifts for Your Mate

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Father's Day                We’re down to the wire on getting a good Father’s Day gift. The traditional shirt and tie gifts from the past don’t work for many in this casual age we live in.  The kids got Dad the fun gadgets already, so what’s left for you to celebrate the great dad you’re married to?

                Some of the suggestions in last month’s Mother’s Day article will work with some tweaking. Below are some of those tweaked ideas as well as a couple of additional options.

1.       Surprise him. Set up a phone call or a drop-in visit from somebody he loves.  Is there a college buddy he only connects with once in a blue moon? Somebody he was like a dad to? A favorite relative? Make him smile by making that connection happen.

2.       Splurge on him. Those same gift-of-the-month clubs we talked about last month have more than girl-gifts. Meat-lover’s choices include bacon, salami, or jerky clubs. Other man-food selections include hot sauces, salsa, popcorn, coffee, beer, wine, olive oils and an abundance of goodies. There are plenty of non-food options available, too, such as golf balls, ties, bonsais, grooming products, and e-books. All available in monthly packages that can be tailored to budgets and time frames consistent with your particular splurge needs!

3.       Honor him. Find that wonderful picture of him that’s buried in an old album or stuffed in a photo box. It can be a dad-moment, him doing that goofy thing that cracks you both up, him in a shot with someone who’s precious to him – you’ll know it when you see it. Put it in a coordinated frame for a gift that can be enjoyed way beyond the special day.

4.       Celebrate his achievements. If he has a game ball rolling around in a drawer, a t-shirt from that marathon he ran, a collection of pins from the civic organization he participates in, find a way to display it. News clippings and other flat objects can be framed. Hobby stores have numerous options such as shadow boxes, display cases and small decorative shelves for 3-d items. This silent boast will remind him on a regular basis of how proud you are of him.

5.       Indulge him. Whether it’s a single coupon or a coupon book, give him the gift of a future gift. The home-made coupons contain activities he can have on demand. Such as a batch of his favorite cookies made with one day’s notice, watching his favorite show live while you record your usual show, or any slew of more personal activities that you don’t need my help coming up with. Just remember: don’t make promises you’re not 100{2303b849a176fc4c55cbcb5b49f44c0b6a86ba83e746fb3d962701d1b8d54085} willing to keep and no grumbling when he actually cashes them in!

So with three shopping days left before Father’s Day, you still have plenty of time to come up with a creative, thoughtful gift without even leaving home. It will be a gift he’ll remember much longer than another shirt and tie combo!



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  • Cindy

    Wish I had read this BEFORE Father’s Day! We got him a basketball and a BIG package of Hershey’s kisses!

    • Shel Harrington

      Now you’ll have ideas ahead of time for birthday, anniversary and Christmas!

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